Chairman’s Message

ceoFrom Thoughts To Execution – Practicing a fusion of ethics and pragmatism

Post the global meltdown, the International as well as Indian companies have realized the need for ethics to be an important part of their Human Resource and the Organizational Culture. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics and Integrity are now being whispered in the corporate arena.

We at VSOM, through our resources and our belief system, aim to bridge the gap between the corporate expectations and the prevalent Human Resource. We endeavor to help individuals and businesses from around the world to succeed by transforming knowledge into action. VSOM incorporates interactive approaches towards teaching, learning and providing consulting to business community. We aspire to develop in students a keen sense of learning which would drive them to update as well as upgrade themselves with the current happenings and technological innovations..

After the successful completion of our program, students would be able to measure the life transforming experience.

Mr. Narendra Narang
Vishisht School of Management